Shaft Machining – Copy Lathe and Turning Machine Tool

Spindle-specific machining of the crib

How the Shaft Machining Work by Copy Attachment on Lathes ?

Our Copy Lathe Attachment is suitable for shaft machining on all Engine Lathes and Machine Tools. It offers multiple turning for large shaft or small shaft machining.

What Kinds of Shafts are Available to be Machined by Copy Attachment on Lathes?

Any Large, Long and Small Shafts are suitable to be machined by Copy Attachment on Lathes.

Shaft Machining Process and Tolerance

Please watch video to get more information.


  • Bow and Arrow
  • Millwork
  • Root Carving
  • Segmented Turning
  • Shingle Weaving
  • Spindle Turning
  • Wood Carving
  • Wood Turning