Pioneer Lathe Tracer Manufacturer

A world-leading manufacturer specializing in Hydraulic Copying Attachment for Lathe and Special Purpose Machines.

With 40+ years of experience in Lathe Tracers (Hydraulic Copying and Turning Attachment), CHIYO has acquired considerable expertise in all available tracer and copy attachment manufacturing for metal or wood turning lathes or special machine tools.

CHIYO is a technological partner whose main goal is to transfer its skills and expertise to its customers, offering innovative and competitive solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Our extensive products range includes turning and copying attachment for metal lathes, wood lathes or special machine tools. With such a wide range of technical solutions, CHIYO is able to offer a manufacturing scenario that best fits its customer’s requirements, taking into account factors such as material costs, energy savings, space and the need for flexibility.

With headquarter in Taichung Taiwan, the company can reply on 10+sales branches and distributors, service centers for fast access to service, parts and expert engineers supports.

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