Our Products

We specialize in manufacturing a range of copying turning attachment machines, including hydraulic servo copying machines, mechanical hydraulic servo directional control valves, and hydraulic lathe copying machines for metal and wood turning. Our products are ideally suited for making rings, rollers, spindles, tapers, and are compatible with all metal and wood lathes, as well as special-purpose machines.

Secondary Feed With Fine Cutting Tracing Control Valve

A lathe tracer is a device used in metalworking to accurately reproduce a shape on a workpiece. It consists of a stylus that follows the shape of a template, and a cutting tool that moves in synchronization with the stylus. A secondary feed with fine cutting tracing control valve allows for more precise control over the cutting tool’s movement by adjusting the hydraulic fluid fed to the tracer mechanism. This results in fine adjustments to the cutting depth and speed, leading to a more accurate reproduction of the shape being traced.

Single Feed Tracing Control Valve

A lathe tracer is a device used in metalworking to copy a shape onto a workpiece. It has a stylus that follows the shape of a template and a cutting tool that moves in sync with the stylus. A single feed tracing control valve is a feature that controls the movement of the cutting tool by adjusting the hydraulic fluid that feeds the tracer mechanism. This allows for the cutting tool to move in a single direction and maintain a consistent depth and speed, resulting in a more accurate reproduction of the shape being traced.

Hydraulic Servo Control Valve

In lathes or special purpose machines, a hydraulic servo control valve is used to precisely control the movement of hydraulic actuators, such as cutting tools or workpiece holding devices. These valves are often used with feedback mechanisms to ensure accuracy. They allow for precise control over cutting force, feed rate, and movement of robotic arms or other tooling. This results in the production of high-quality parts with tight tolerances.

Electric Controlled Servo Valve

An electric controlled servo valve is a type of valve used in hydraulic systems that is controlled by an electrical signal rather than a mechanical linkage. It works by using an electric current to control the movement of a spool or poppet, which in turn controls the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid.

Shaft Machining – Copy Lathe and Turning Machine Tool

A copy lathe and turning machine tool for shaft machining is a type of lathe used to produce precision machined shafts. It works by copying a master shaft, also known as a pattern or template, onto a workpiece. The master shaft is mounted onto the lathe and a stylus follows its shape, while a cutting tool removes material from the workpiece to produce a duplicate shaft.

Other Accessories

Accessories for a lathe tracer include various types of cutting tools, as well as specialized attachments for creating intricate designs or patterns. Other accessories include fixtures or jigs for holding the workpiece in place, as well as measuring and alignment tools to ensure accuracy and precision. The specific accessories required will depend on the particular application and the desired outcome.