Project Description

Hydraulic Servo Control Valve

For Lathes and Machine Tools

Kaiyu oil pressure servo valve

Hydraulic Servo Valve Application

  • Plano Miller
  • Milling Machine
  • Aligning Machine
  • Special Purpose Polishing Machine


  • Servo control accuracy up to +/- 0.015 mm
  • Actuated by hydraulic system. 
  • The unit applicable for plano miller, milling machine etc. 
  • Precision structure , long service life. 
Servo control valve _ return circuit


Model Cover category Shaft type Standard use pressure (Bar) Maximum pressure (Bar) Fixed Traffic (IPM)
SA-03 There is a cover Long axis 25~30 60 30
SB-03 No cover Short axis 25~30 60 30
Operating temperature (C) -10~70 -10~70 -10~70 -10~70 -10~70

Hydraulic Servo Valve Animation

Symbol for Hydraulic Servo Valve

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