Optional Accessories

Lathe Copy Attachment / Hydraulic Copying Lathe machine

Imitation turning crib - Electric control mimicr

Electric Controlled Servo Valve

Chiyo CY series Hydraulic Copy Attachment is available to equip with an Electric Controlled Servo Valve to replace the standard manually controlled valve. It provides more efficient and convenient operation. The electric controlled servo valve is especially ideal for multi-cycle machining on a single-purpose machine.

Non-Circular Template Holder

  • Suitable for inserting the profiled template on this holder
  • Suitable for extra large template which can not be fixed by centers
  • Ideal for mounting laser-cut template with high accuracy
Plane imitation model device
Plane imitation model device

Flat Template Holding for Flat Surfacing

  • For mounting on saddle of lathe
  • Suitable for copy turning of flat face, such as wheel ring face and tray etc.

Internal Cutting Tool Holder

  • The internal cutting tool holder can be directly mounted on the tool rest for added convenience
  • Suitable for internal and face cutting
Plane imitation model device

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