Project Description


Hydraulic Copying Attachment Machine

(Secondary Feed. With Fine Cutting Tracing Control Valve)

What is Wood or Metal Lathe Copy Attachment ?

The Hydraulic Copy and Tracer Attachment produces a wide range of turnings quickly, easily and accurately on the Wood or Metal Lathes. They are designed and constructed to withstand production turning difficult and custom parts.

How does Wood or Metal Lathe Copy Attachment Work ?

There is a tool slide on the tracer lathe guided by a sensitive hydraulically actuated stylus that follows an accurate template. The template can be an accurate profile on a thin plate or a finished-turned part.

Is the Wood or Metal Lathe Copy Attachment Easy for Operation ?

It is very easy to set up. All controls are located for fast and convenient access.


  • High Precision
  • Low Cost
  • Space-saving
  • High production efficiency
Save cost
Improve efficiency
Space-saving design

Fine Cutting Tracing Control Valve

  • The fine cutting tracing control valve employs a high precision servo control valve.  It provides extra fine cutting performance, and creates fine finish effect on work piece surface.
  • Fine cutting amount is adjustable from 0 to 2 mm.

Coar and Fine Cutting Cycle Diagram

The CY-X series Hydraulic Lathe Tracer Attachment is equipped with a tracing control valve. It permits coarse and fine cutting at a time, that saves work piece loading and uploading time while greatly upgrading machining efficiency.

CY-40X oil pressure imitation machine surface

Copy Cutting Angle Setting

As the work piece profiles to be cut are always varied, the operator must set the angle correctly so that the hydraulic copy attachment can develop the optimal performance.


The type or size of the imitation devicePressureOil Tank Capacity (Liter)Cylinder BoreHorse PowerEffective Storke at 45°(mm)Hydraulic Stroke (mm)Range of Tool Adjustment(mm)Chip Section(mm²)
CY-80X12-153045 dia1/2 HP5780303
CY-120X12-153050 dia1/2 HP85120304
CY-180X15-184055 dia1 HP128180305
CY-240X16-204563 dia1 HP170240306
CY-300X16-204565 dia1 HP213300308
CY-360X16-205065 dia2 HP260360308

Standard Accessories

sample clamping device and support brackets
Hydraulic Copying Attachment Machine Parts - Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Copying Attachment Machine Parts - 360° swiveling base plate
Hydraulic Copying Attachment Machine Parts - Hydrauic hoses (Each 6 feet long)
Hydraulic Copying Attachment Machine Parts - Wrench

Wide Range of  Applications

  • Wood or Metal Lathes
  • Machines Tools
  • Comprehensive Processing Machines
  • Special Purpose Machines

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