Positioning of Tracer for Several Purposes For Lathe Copy Attachment

The tracer depending on need, may be set in 4 positions. The most commonly used is the 60° position. In this position, and using the longitudinal feed of the lathe, the tracer can handle all ascending shapes, including 90° shoulders and even recessed shoulders.

A limitation exists on descending shapes, limited by the fact that the lathe feed is constant and if the form approaches the angle of the tracing  slide, the infeed would be too sudden and result in digging in and tool breakage.

With the tracer set at 90° and longitudinal feed, the angular limitation is shifted. Now a larger segment of the descending shape can be handled, but 90° shoulders are no longer possible.

The same applies to face tracer. For this , the tracing slide is set either at 30° or 0° and the crossfeed is now actuated.

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