Frequently Asked Questions to Lathe Tracers

Here are some questions that you may have to lathe tracers. Please click any of them to get the answers and let us know if you have any additional questions.

Is the Wood or Metal Lathe Copy Attachment Easy for Operation ?2021-12-12T10:57:06+08:00

It is very easy to set up. All controls are located for fast and convenient access.

How does Wood or Metal Lathe Copy Attachment Work ?2021-12-12T10:57:35+08:00

There is a tool slide on the tracer lathe guided by a sensitive hydraulically actuated stylus that follows an accurate template. The template can be an accurate profile on a thin plate or a finished-turned part.

What is Wood or Metal Lathe Copy Attachment ?2021-12-12T10:58:02+08:00

The Hydraulic Copy and Tracer Attachment produces a wide range of turnings quickly, easily and accurately on the Wood or Metal Lathes. They are designed and constructed to withstand production turning difficult and custom parts.

What are the speeds and feeds for Lathes with Tracers?2021-12-12T10:58:40+08:00

There is an unlimited combination of cutting speeds, feeds, and types of cuts. They include roughing cuts and finishing cuts. It is equipped for automatic operation, changes in speed, feed, and cutting tools are automatic.

What metal or wood turning parts can be made with Lathe Tracers?2021-12-12T10:56:17+08:00

Lathe Tracers can machine all common cylindrical shapes, straight and tapered shoulders, and irregular curves. The Lathe Tracers are equipped with accessory tools permit facing, grooving and chamfering operations.

How does the Lathe Tracers work ?2021-12-12T11:00:52+08:00

The tool slide on a tracer lathe is guided by a sensitive, hydraulically actuated stylus that follows an accurate template. The template can be an accurate profile on a thin plate or a finish-turned part. The copy unit is easy to set-up and is designed as an automatic tracing lathe. There are optional accessories for use on tracing lathes. They include toolheads, cross slides for operations , such as facing, grooving and chamfering.

What can Lather Tracers do for your business?2021-12-12T11:02:31+08:00

Chiyo Machinery’s Hydraulic Copying Attachment and Machines are used for all kinds of lathes, metal working lathes, wood working lathes, machine tools , and special purpose machines. You can use it to copy wood or metal parts and it can also make tapers. All mechanical are simple to set up. Base on its precise design, workpieces processing gets better efficiency.

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