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Lathe hydraulic copying machine is an auxiliary machine that helps metalworking or woodworking lathes to turn many times.
It can be installed in the rear or front of the lathe.
CHIYO Lathe Hydraulic Copying Unit is very simple to set up and install, and is ideal for manufacturing spindles, rollers, rings, wheels, and tapered parts.
Low maintenance costs ensure higher productivity and lower costs.
With more than 40 years of experience in lathe imitation machines , Qiyu Hydraulic Machinery likes to share our knowledge with our customers, from consulting to machine purchase, from drawing or integration to the final product.
All customers around the world will get a one-stop copy machining solution with a sense of security at Qiyu Machinery Company.



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Imitation cutting machine is a kind of machine tool that can be processed according to the model, which has the advantages of high processing accuracy and fast efficiency. A lathe is a machine tool used to machine cylindrical, conical, and curved parts. The combination of the two allows for more complex and precise parts. Here you will find the latest information, the development of our processes, new technologies related to copying machines and lathes, the progress of wood and metal turning, and new information on lathe-related auxiliaries!

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